Hanako Gotoh, CMT

Hanako Gotoh, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Hanako’s Story

Hello. I am Hanako Gotoh. It is my honor to be working beside Dr. aQui in your wellness journey. My style of massage works against the grain of the muscle tissue, going layer by layer, from large muscle groups to smaller muscles. This allows the muscles to break up their chronic holding patterns and return the body to its own homeostasis. I have other techniques that I can utilize as well but this muscle therapy is my preferred method to assist you in releasing acute or chronic tension, holding patterns, and movement restrictions.

As little bit about myself…. I have lived in Boulder County since my second birthday. My father is a chiropractor and alternative wellness comes naturally to me. I have been together with my husband, Scott, for 26 years. We share two children, a dog, fish, and a bunny. I have been practicing massage therapy for 15 years and look forward to more.

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