21 Day Spring Detox Program

Spring DetoxEastern Medicine believes that in order to return to optimal health we need to cleanse our bodies each spring and fall. It’s still cold outside, but spring is coming.

Boulder East West Acupuncture and Community Acupuncture Clinic are teaming up to offer you a 21 day detox program that combines acupuncture, foot reflexology, and some amazing cutting-edge nutritional support. It’s all designed to clean out your gastrointestinal system, assist in detoxifying your liver, and reduce overall inflammation.

The 21 Day Spring Detox Program will begin on March 22nd and continue to April 13th. Email ACUaQui@gmail.com or call 303-828-6759 to reserve your spot or with questions about the program.

Check back for more details as we get closer to the start of the program.

Leaving the nest

It’s official – I’ve left the nest.  After four years interning with the legendary Dr. Jeffrey Dann I’m moving into an office of my own.  Well, not exactly my own — I’ll be sharing space with another veteran practitioner (the founder of Community Acupuncture) — Samhitta Jones.

We’re now located at 3300 Arapahoe Avenue in Suite 211.  We’re on the second floor above the Jimmy John’s at 33rd and Arapahoe in Boulder.

Samhitta’s promised to help me develop my practice and has been so helpful and supportive during this time of transformation and gestation.  We’re working hard to get this medicine to everyone who needs it.  Currently we’re putting together a comprehensive Spring Detox program to help our patients come through the other side of this winter.  Stay tuned.