Don’t Let Pain Put a Damper on Your Winter

Like it or not, winter is just around the corner. Some folks love the winter and embrace the chance to enjoy the outdoor activities only available during this season. Others recoil at the thought of ice, snow, and cold wind. One thing we can all agree on is that winter injuries can be debilitating. How many people do you know who have fallen on the ice? What about the pain in your shoulder or lower back after shoveling snow? Or the countless injuries suffered while skiing or snowboarding? Pain like that can ruin your season and cause depression in addition to physical discomfort.

May we offer a suggestion? Okay, perhaps two.

First, be proactive.

  • It takes only moments to injure yourself severely. So, why not take some time now to condition your muscles and prepare for the activities ahead of you? It takes 6 weeks to condition your muscles. Make an appointment with your wellness practitioner to develop a plan. If you begin a regimen now, your muscles will be ready to hit the slopes or head out snowshoeing come late November. They will be conditioned to the strain and movements that these winter activities present and you will suffer less injury. Less injury, less pain. Less pain, less time spent on the couch cursing yourself, or the snow, for a tiny mistake. 

Second, treat pain immediately.

  • Hey, they’re called accidents for a reason. You probably didn’t plan on twisting your knee or straining your back, but you did. Now what? Seek treatment. It may take 6 weeks to condition your muscles, but it takes months to repair connective tissue. The longer you wait to address the issue, the longer you are out of the game. If you feel pain, contact your wellness practitioner. It may be a simple treatment that has you back to normal immediately. It may be more severe and you may be facing multiple treatments and longer recovery. However, if you do not seek professional insight, you could injure yourself further and full recovery may not be an option.

Enjoy The Season!

  • Winter can be miserable, but it can also be magical. Let us help you enjoy the season to the fullest. We believe in an all encompassing approach to health, wellness, and recovery. We believe that pain is meant to alert us to an issue and then be treated. Pain is not to be suffered chronically or ignored. If you are feeling pain or would like to begin a wellness regimen, call us. We are happy to design a treatment plan specific to your body, your needs, and your goals.