Balance Method Acupuncture

balance noun 

1 : physical equilibrium

   : the ability to retain one’s balance

2 : stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical       axis

   : equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements

3 : an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements

balance  verb

1 : to poise or arrange in or as if in balance

   : to bring into harmony or proportion

   : to bring to a state or position of balance 

2 : to compute the difference between the debits and credits of (an account)

   : to arrange so that one set of elements exactly equals another

When we begin to explore the multiple meanings for the word balance, we are allowed a glimpse into the complexity of what balance actually is. Thus, achieving balance can feel different for each individual experiencing discomfort or pain within their body. I mean, we all feel a little ‘out of whack’ sometimes, but what does that mean to you? What does that mean to me? We both might have pain in our lower back, but what is causing your pain may be completely different than what is causing mine. So why try to relieve both of our pain with the same medicine? We have been taught to numb our pain and ignore the signs that perhaps we have blockages within our bodies and we are not in total balance. Thankfully, Chinese Medicine approaches healing through balance and practitioners are able to carefully tailor treatments for each individual patient by combining acupuncture, herbs, and energy work. Rather than simply treating the symptom or numbing the pain, we strive to create balance within the body and to relieve pain by opening the body’s meridians and to restore proper blood and energy flow.

Balance Method Acupuncture is a style of acupuncture taught by the late Grandmaster, Dr. Richard Teh-fu Tan. It is a style characterized by distal point selection (choosing points away from the site of pain) to garner almost instant results with most patients feeling relief after their first treatment. 

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